Have you or a loved one recently experienced a traumatic event?

Did you have a traumatic childhood that you feel you haven’t fully processed?

Do you ever have flashbacks of events from your past that cause you distress?

Do you feel like you are “jumpy” or like you have exaggerated responses to loud noises?

Have you witnessed someone else go through a tragedy and can’t stop thinking about it?

Do you feel like you have major gaps in your memory during which traumatic events may have taken place?

Many people will experience some form of trauma in their lifetime. It may be a car accident, abuse or neglect, the death of a loved one, a violent act, exposure to war, or a natural disaster. It can also be very distressing to witness or hear about someone else go through a traumatic event, which is described as “secondary trauma”.

While it is possible to recover from trauma over time with the love and support of family and friends and bounce back with resiliency, there may be situations in which you need the assistance of a therapist.

Some Symptoms of Trauma Include:

  • Avoiding specific locations, sights, situations, and sounds that serve as reminders of the event
  • Anxiety, depression, numbness, or guilt
  • Intrusive thoughts, nightmares or flashbacks
  • Anger, irritability and hypervigilance
  • Aggressive, reckless behavior, including self-harm
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Loss of interest in activities that were once considered enjoyable
  • Difficulty remembering details of the distressing event
  • Change in habits or behavior since the trauma

Research has shown that psychotherapy is a very effective form of treatment for trauma. Our therapists will use different methods depending on the situation to help you work through your trauma, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), among others.

If you or someone you know identify with any of the symptoms listed above, contact Finding Peace Counseling Center today to schedule an appointment. We want to help you move past your trauma, grow from it, and live your life to its fullest.

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